2018’s Tax Filing Deadline Later Than Usual

Some people get their taxes dealt with as soon as humanly possible, some people loathe the paperwork that tax filings and returns. From learning how to get a Tax ID in Washington State, to making sure the tax refunds are in order, the paperwork of taxes are something the latter category simply put off as long as possible.

For those people, there’s some good news, as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), has revealed that 2018’s deadline for tax file returns is April 17 compared to the usual April 15, giving taxpaying US citizens an extra 2 days.

This extension in the deadline is simply down to the 2018 calendar being what it is. The 15th of April 2018 is a Sunday, so that’s already a no-go, whilst 16 is a legal holiday for the Washington D.C. area; Emancipation Day, the celebration of Abe Lincoln’s abolishment of slavery in the US capital, way back in 1862.

This holiday is celebrated in D.C., due to the fact that Honest Abe decided to abolish slavery in the capital earlier than the rest of the country, while waiting for the Emancipation Proclamation which would do the same for the whole country.

Emancipation Day in the capital isn’t always celebrated on the 16th of April, but whatever weekday is closest to it, so it can sometimes pus the deadline for tax filing.

The extra days for tax filing isn’t just good for those that wait for the deadline, but also for those who file their taxes as early as possible and also have to pay the feds, as Tax Day is not only the US government’s deadline for filing, but also for payments to the federal or state government, should someone have been undertaxed during the year for some reason.

Another good thing about the later deadline is more time to avoid penalties for not paying taxes. The US Government can levy fines for those that pay beyond the deadline, which can be up to 5% of all taxes owed per month past the deadline, according to terms set by the IRS. The extra days will be useful for all taxpayers, as it affords them more time to get how to get a Tax ID in Washington State and avoid penalties.

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