3 Safety Tips For Liveaboard Diving In Thailand

Diving is an exciting to do but they are not for the fainthearted and certainly, before you go on liveaboard diving in Thailand, you need to go through safety precautions to avoid accidents. A miscalculation can be risky as well as using the wrong equipment and the lack of knowledge to use the right diving gears. Not only can this be risky to the diver, it will also pose risk to the diver’s companions. To ensure a safe diving activity, consider the following ideas.

Get certified

Before you go on a diving trip, make sure that you are certified or you have at least obtained basic diving lessons from a licensed dive operator. Without this certification, you will not be covered by life or accident insurance if anything untoward happens during the dive. There are liveaboardcompanies and diving shops that offer basic diving lessons but they do no issue certificates. A diving lesson should not be taken as equivalent to diving certificate.

Have a medical certification

Another important thing to have when going on a liveaboard diving in Thailand is medical certificate from your country. Before taking a diving lesson or before going on a diving trip, you will be required to present a medical certificate by the diving company. You will also sign a waiver indicating that the diver encounters medical problems during the dive, the company will not be held liable for it. Even with the right certification, be sure that you are physical and medically fit to engage in such a challenging activity.If you are not feeling well, set the dive to another day. It is dangerous to dive if you have hangover, fever or other similar conditions.

Pay attention to your diving guide

Even if you are an experienced diver, you should still pay attention to the diving guide especially if it is your first time to dive in the area. The Andaman Sea is generally safe forliveaboard diving in Thailandespecially during the summer.You just need to have a dive plan especially if you have diving companions. Follow the plan including the diving route which will be given to you by your diving guide.

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