3D Printing Takes Over Funeral Urns

Kevin Ellsworth love spending time with his mountain bike when he was still alive. As a remembrance for his passing, his family decided to have a sculpture of him riding in his beloved mountain bicycle while cruising around the rocky trail located in along Lake Superior. It will be the final memory etched to those he left behind. Together with the sculpture, his cremated remains will be placed inside a red velvet bag before inserted into the sculpture’s base.

Kevin Ellsworth was 57 years old when he passed away because of terminal cancer. He is a resident of Chanhassen and has a long time career as chief financial officer working for the Scott County.

When he found out he was ill, Kevin talked to Patty, his wife, regarding his death and what he plans to do about it. As a couple, they made the obituary and even prepared the notification cards which were to be sent to their friends. They also purchased one of the lakeside memorial bench located at the Excelsior Commons, this is the route they love to take when walking their dogs.

Aside from these preparations, the couple also went in touch with Foreverence which is a company based in Eden Prairie. They are using 3D printer in order to create unique urns. They discussed together with a designer about the options they have in making a customized urn for Kevin’s remains.

Before passing, Kevin shared that once he has accepted that he will soon die, the process of designing his urn becomes a fun thing. They collaborated and thought of something unique which was never done before. They brainstormed in order to bring out the best ideas.

While traditional funerals are still done today, a number of options have already sprouted and became available. Many of the funeral services nowadays can be personalized based on the personality of the person who passed away.

Cremation is now as common as the traditional burial and cremation urns can be personalized. There are still traditional funeral urns in Perth but this new option is gaining popularity for those who desire to do so.

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