4 Reasons To Enrol Thai Children To Bangkok International School

Most people think that a Bangkok International School only accepts foreign or expat enrolees and local children should be enrolled to Thai schools. If you are a Thai national, you will find benefits by enrolling your child to a local school but you will find more in an international school. Here are some of the advantages.

English proficiency

Locals generally speak Central Thai and majority of Thai population are not keen with the English language. By enrolling your child to an international school, he gets a better chance in learning the universal language as international schools focus on ESL/EFL. The medium of communication and instruction is also English. With English language exposure, your child develops his English skills and becomes more adept with interacting with others globally. Learning the English language will also be beneficial to your child’s career in the future.

Exposure to other cultures

By assimilating your child to foreign students, he will be exposed to different cultures thereby allowing him to appreciate cultural differences and its beauty. He will also learn how to interact with others who are totally different from him in terms of language, culture and practices. This will also develop your child to learn how to collaborate with people of dissimilar backgrounds. Children who get exposure to different types of people grow up to become more confident and sensitive.

Higher academic standards

International schools adhere to international education standards that are acceptable in all parts of the world. This way, with your child being enrolled in Bangkok International School, he gets better education and becomes more globally competitive. He can also adapt better to a different academic environment if ever he studies outside of Bangkok in the future.

More activity engagements

Because of its diverse background, Bangkok International School generally celebrate different traditions to allow students to be exposed to varied cultures. Celebrations are conducted by the school as part of their extracurricular activities. This fosters confidence, competitiveness, camaraderie and supports overall personality development of the student. Some of the highly enjoyed extracurricular activities in international schools include sports festivals, debates, math league, robotics and many others.

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