6-Month Old Boiler Of Water Treatment Plant Fails Due To Leaks

Parkers Utility Board installed a new boiler this year for the water treatment plant. Boilers are being used by the plant as heat digesters to break down solid waste. The new boiler was installed as part of the $12.8 million plant upgrade. The new boiler run for a half a month until it started leaking from an air release on top because of the sediment in the circulating water.

After the leaks on the new boiler were fixed, it was discovered that there are other leaks on the pair of fire tubes with pitting revealed in most of the other tubes. There are 96 tubes and replacement cost $14,500 which was taken from the contingency fund of the plant upgrade. Meanwhile, other leaks were found on the old boiler of the same type that was installed 25 years ago. Repairs on the tube leaks are expected to cost another $14,500.

According to equipment manufacturer Evoqua, the problem is attributed to additional oxygen in the plant. The water treatment plant uses compressors in pumping oxygen to the boilers so as to create a buffer zone of air to prevent water logging. It was assumed that the old boiler has some form of coating that was lost during the flushing of the system and sediment caused the original leak.
According to Eric Bennett, the plant manager, if they get rid of the compressors, the oxygen issue will be addressed. However, if water logging becomes a problem or if the oxygen levels remain high, the current compression tank with bladder expansion tank must be replaced with some piping changes.

Bennett told the board members that the utility will handle the costs of repairs but not the manufacturer’s startup cost until it is determines who is at fault with the boiler’s failure. A long term fix is expected to prevent the problem from happening again.

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