A Travel Start-Up Gets The Rich Asian Families To Their Dream Vacation Homes

Even though luxurious vacations spent with the family are something to be excited about, the planning is time consuming. Looking for the best place to stay, the activities to do, the restaurants to eat at – this list continues. Afini, which is a luxury travel start-up, aims to give a solution through creating a stress-free luxury travel that is more accessible to Asia.

Stress-free luxury travel

The CEO John Blanco explained that their company Afini is an exclusive club. People need to apply to be a member. Then, this gives them the access to Afini’s collection of 25 huge and luxurious properties in a dozen countries. The company has the ability to control, upgrade, manage and maintain these properties to give that consistent feel.

A lifestyle consultant is going to record a family’s preferences and plan every detail of the vacation prior to them getting there, including drawing up the itineraries for approval.

Blanco, together with his partners, got inspired by the same business model from the United States which they modified to fit the Asian market, where travels are commonly in small and multi-generational groups.

Targeting the Asian market

Blanco pointed out that their model is different from time-sharing, since it offers members the freedom to book and to travel any time.

Since the company has control over the properties for three to five year leases, the per night costs are lesser. As an example, a Niseko villa goes for 2 to 3 thousand dollars each night. With the company, it is only 7 to 8 hundred dollars.

Blanco added that Afini is different from the booking websites which allow people to rent their properties but leave the planning to the vacationers.

Blanco is very much hopeful for their company because the same model worked great in the United States.

Now, Afini has properties located in the United States, Asia and Europe, and they are continually increasing this list.


As there are many affluent Asian families, this is going to be appealing to them. However, there are still numerous other options, such as a family hotel in Bangkok, for those who want to be in control of their spending and budget.

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