Amex Express Checkout: The Newest Service For A More Convenient Online Purchase

Most trading in of products and services happen over computer networks, which is why a lot of online businesses advertise by creating a website, a service offered by various web developing firms such as Perth webdesign, Dotcomweavers, or the Blue Mountain Media. Apart from the creativity showcased by websites which sparks the interest to make purchases, consumers are also said to be encouraged when the methods of payment available are quick and convenient.

Recently, the American Express, a multinational financial services corporation, presented a new service known as the Amex Express Checkout that brings more convenience to people who purchase online. The said service is different from the services that are offered by competitors such as Google Wallet and MasterPass, in such a way that the Amex Express Checkout does not require users to sign up for a new log in account. This kind of service is said to be unique to the company as the existing log in information which every cardholder has right from the beginning is going to be everything that is necessary to make use of the service. According to Leslie Berland, one of the minds behind the new Amex service, the signing up process for an account is tedious enough and this may discourage people to use a service.

When it comes to data security, like most other payment methods, the Amex Express Checkout embraces tokenization or the process of replacing sensitive data with unique tokens to ensure security in online payment, as well as other aspects like identity checks. Some of the brands in support of the new service include Warby Parker, Newegg, and Ticketmaster. Other different means by which the new service will be advertised are through postings on the company’s very own website and applications that are widely used.

Although the new service cannot be used yet for buying in different social media sites like Pinterest or Twitter, AmEx is said to be open to the idea. According to Berland, everything about the service is just starting and the possibilities where this may gear towards are infinite.

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