An Act Of Charity: Brisbane Company Giving Free Removal To Victims Of Domestic Violence

With Australia embracing removalists, home packing services in Sydney and surrounding areas are becoming more and more popular right now. Setting aside profit for a good cause, a Brisbane company; Supercheap Storage, has opted to offer its removal and storage services to victims of domestic abuse for free, so that they may be able to leave behind their past and start over.

A trial partnership between the company and DVConnect will afford northern Brisbane’s domestic violence victims given free access to their services, a magnanimous act that holds special meaning for the North Brisbane Supercheap Storage franchisee, Chris James.

According to Mr. James, it is a matter close to his heart, stating that he has had some experience in such matters in the past. He states that, as he was growing up, his family took in victims of domestic violence in order to help them in their own little way. He attributes this to his mother, who he states was quite active in that endeavour, helping out with drug and alcohol issues, which Mr. James believes are intertwined.

He mentions the issue of domestic abuse as something that hits quite close to home, as he witnessed the victims himself as his mother attempted to aid them in his childhood. He states that families often show the repercussions of domestic abuse.

Mr. James, owner of the Supercheap Storage franchise for a year now, stated that his team had been informally undertaking several jobs here and there pro bono, for charities and religious organizations or anyone who approached him for help.

He mentions that sometimes, the material possessions sometimes act as an unnecessary anchor, preventing victims from moving away because they’re attached to them.

He said that his business would give free moves, three a week, to the people in most need of assistance between the Brisbane river and Noosa.

He hopes that this act would lead to other businesses like his, such as home packing services in Sydney, to act and aid domestic violence victims, who tend to lack the funds to pay for these services or have the space to store their belongings.

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