An Employer For 18 Years Decided To Quit And Open Her Own Print Business

Market Street in Corning has now seen one of its unique businesses. Studio LMG is owned by an independent individual and is interesting because it is not only an art studio but a print shop at the same time. The businesswoman responsible for running the business is Laura Matson.

Matson said that her own venture serves as an inspiration to many people who are planning to start their own business but does not have enough courage to try. She added that is she is able to do it then anyone can do it too.

For 18 years, she has been the manager of another print shop located in Elmira but decided to leave her job summer of last year in order to open up her very own business.

Matson shared that she always drives to Elmira from Corning in order to go to her previous work. She is currently living in Corning and was able to raise her daughter there. Now her business is only five minutes away from their home.

Because of her passion for photography as well as the arts, she is able to capture photographs of the area and she prints them on any material she could get her hands on – it can either be a business card, book mail, post card, brochures and many other types. They also have a service for canvas printing as well as watercolor paper.

Customers can also use their favorite picture and they will be able to print it on any product they desire. She also prints on novelty items such as mouse pads, tote bags, mugs and t-shirts. She shows her support for local artists through allowing them to display their artworks on her shop. While she might sound like a busy person, it might surprise you that she is yet working on another project.

Matson revealed that she is now on the process of getting her own vinyl cutter so she can make windows and the likes. She is also into local logo designs. There is still a long list of things that she wanted to try but she is expanding a little bit each time. Her business started operating just six months ago but she is happy with customers coming in to have their photos printed or to request for split canvas prints. Local artist are welcome to display their works, just visit her shop and talk to her.

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