An Uber-Like Luxury Yacht Charter

Many different types of companies are offering services that are much like the same as Uber. It all started with taxi cabs until private jets have been tapped too. It is not surprising that industry insiders have divulged that yachts will be the next target. It is common to see or book a crewed yacht charter in Phuket but it has never came to mind of the consumers that they will be able to experience luxury yacht charters that are affordable and will provide the same level of convenience.

The brand new startup that started it all is located in the French Riviera. The company is called FLOAT and the founder wanted users to be able to experience booking a luxury yacht charters in as affordable as more than just a $100 for every passenger. This is just the first offering from the lucrative market and it is offered as by the seat.

Preliminary reports revealed that the FLOAT charters will be making use of yachts such as the Maori 50 and they will be operating on a number of pre-decided routes that is located around Monaco as well as St. Tropez this coming summer season. The concept is that each of the cruises will come with champagne, time for passengers to lounge as well as the opportunity to swim while they are on the yacht. They will also have lunch on the most well-known beach restaurants in the area. Every user on board will be able to pay for their ticket using the application or website by FLOAT.

The founder of FLOAT is Gualtiero Giori who is currently the CEO of 21st Luxury and Dimitri Semenikhin who is the CEO of Yacht Harbour. Giori used to be the owner of Camper & Nischolsons International.The company announced that their first operation will start this summer season and the routes will be the surrounding south of France. For those who can’t wait, they can check out the crewed yacht charter Phuket while those in Miami and Bahamas will be able to experience FLOAT soon as they are planning an expansion in these areas.

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