Arm Candy – How To Show Support For People Who Are Affected By Cancer

There are different ribbon colors used for cancer awareness and you can choose from the cancer ribbon chart to determine the right color for your cause. If you are planning to use ribbons to show support for people who are suffering from the dreaded disease, you can visit for silk ribbons you can wear on your wrist.

Cancer is a disease that almost everybody can relate to because there is either a member of the family or a friend who had been affected. Cancer is a disease that has taken the lives of many and it is severely affecting the lives of people and their families.

Patrick Dempsey is well known for his role as Dr. Derek Sheppard in the TV series Grey’s Anatomy. Patrick Dempsey has experienced the frustrations of having a mother who was ill was cancer when he was in California and this has led him to create PDCC (Patrick Dempsey’s Center for Cancer Hope and Healing). With the help of other charitable organizations, Big Bend Open Road Race will hold a silent auction for the benefit of PDCC.

Bartley Motorsports has joined forces with Arm Candy so there will be bracelets during the silent auction. Kat Romano was also affected by cancer and she wanted to help find some money for PDCC. Inspired by a Tibetan prayer bracelet while she was travelling abroad for her work in the fashion industry, Romano had the idea to sell silk ribbons that had spiritual and healing feel. These silk ribbons were called Arm Candy.

In order for both men and women to comfortably wear the bracelets, there were feminine and masculine elements. Brass nuts will be added to the bracelets to symbolize Patrick Dempsey’s love for racing and so that the silk ribbons will be more appealing. The silk ribbons will be hand-dyed to be worn as a wrist wrap. Wearing the Arm Candy means the individual is supporting the struggle of cancer patients.

Ever since PDCC operated in 2008, their services have become in demand that is why there is a need for donations. PDCC is dedicated in helping ease the fears of cancer. Arm Candy will be a beautiful way to show support for PDCC and at the same time give hope for people who are fighting cancer.

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