Artie Lange On His Sentence: Let Me Be A Lesson

Comedian Artie Lange appeared in New Jersey, Newark’s Superior Court on the 1st of June, Friday, and has been sentenced by the judge with four years of probation on drug charges, following him pleading guilty to heroin possession with regards to an arrest made on May of 2017.

The judge, Hon. Nancy Sivilli also ordered the entertainer to find a Best Outpatient Rehab facility and undergo a drug treatment program, plus an additional 50 hours of community service. The judge turned to the comedian, saying that the ball is in his court, and that he should do what he can to avoid going into relapse, leading his family into a sad ending.

According to Lange’s medical records, which Sivilli reviewed during the proceedings, Lange could die should he undergo another relapse. The judge even said to the comedian, that he was getting too old for this kind of thing.

Lange himself made the choice to head for a Best Outpatient Rehab facility, as he needs to work, saying that he’s happiest and at his most productive when he works. He fully admits that he has an issue, one that he really needs to take care of.

The comedian is a cast member on the HBO show Crashing, rising to fame in the 90s as a cast member on Mad TV, after which he spent about a decade as one of the co-hosts on The Howard Stern Show.

He then took to social media, telling his subscribers and the world to look towards his life as a harsh lesson as to what heroin can do to people’s lives. He says that the judge was fair with his case, but he also admits that the 4 year probation is still quite long.  He freely expresses that the blame falls on him, his tweet has him say he had everything, which he gave up for heroin.

His tweet ends with him pleading to people not to make his mistakes, and end up in the same place he is now. The last words on his tweet are a heart-warming message telling people that they’re better than that, better than his mistakes.


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