Beware Of Fake Apps From Mac App Store

Mac App Store was launched to the public by Apple way back in January of 2011. The CEO of the company during that time was Steve Jobs and according to him, the store would be a space wherein users can find and purchase PC apps with ease and fun. At the beginning of the launch, the store was created with a purpose of providing a place for users to purchase authentic software without having to question its reliability. Now, it is full of scam junks which is not only evident in the Mac App Store but other official app stores as well including iOS App Store which is also owned by Apple, Windows Store and Google Play app store for Android devices.

The most recent report about the issue is that there are many Mac apps that are disguising as legit programs like Microsoft Office suite and Excel. If you have a Mac then you can see for yourself what the fuss is all about. Just open your Mac App Store and search for Photoshop. From there you will be shown with many different types of apps that are not actually the image editor created by Adobe.

The first on the result is an app called Retouching Photos Photoshop CS 6 Edition. The app can be purchased for $6 and it uses a copycat icon of the original Photoshop software. The app, in fact, contains only tutorial videos all about Photoshop. The fourth on the search result is the app called Made Simple! Adobe Photoshop Edition. This also sells for $6 and it uses the same Photoshop logo. Once more, the app is simply a bundle containing training videos. Users will not be able to know this unless they read the product’s description in its entirety.

Another search which shows scam results are Microsoft Office bundles that can be purchased for only $30. One might think that they’ll be purchasing the actual package with Powerpoint, Word and Excel but the truth is that it only contains Office templates worth 293 MB.

If you want to have legit Photoshop training, it is better to buy from reliable retailers or enrol online for a course.

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