Now Open To Serve Clients In Bangkok

One of the major online reservation website is now in Bangkok. just opened its customer service centre in the area in order to help their Thai clients. The customer service will entertain double bookings that were done on the website in the last several years.

According to the managing director of in the Asia-Pacific, Oliver Hua, the top major destinations that Thais go to with the use of in the last few years include Japan, Italy, Spain, Myanmar and Cambodia.

The customer service is located in the G Tower in Bangkok found in Rama IX Road. A lot of people will benefit from the opening but Thai customers are first and foremost. Chinese tourists, expats residing in Bangkok as well as tourists coming from neighboring countries will also be benefiting from the new service center.

According to Mr. Hua, they have decided to launch a service center in Bangkok because of the high demand for customer support that is speaking local Thai language. These demands are coming not just from customers but partners as well. He also added that the latest contact center will help improve the quality of work of the employees, motivate them to perform better and be more creative and they will be collaborating with staff coming from

For this year, the company will be focusing on customer engagement in the country while creating new partnerships with owners and operators that have outstanding names when it comes to accommodation.

It was not revealed by Mr. Hua the amount of the investment budget that is set for 2017. He only shared that the services provided by OTA or online travel agency are still on demand all over the world. This is in light of the actions made by hotels to make their establishments less connected with OTA because of the commission fees that are charged to them.

Mr. Hua explained that majority of hotels near Silom as well as accommodation operators are aiming to have a higher rate when it comes to occupancy and they recognize that the best way to go about it is by using the services provided by OTA.

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