Building Of Security Fence At The Parliament House Currently Ongoing

The Parliament House in Canberra is currently undergoing a construction of its security fence. The fence is made of steel and is 2.5 meters in length. Currently, there are many advanced type of fencing installed by companies such as the colorbond fence installation in Perth known to many households and private properties.

It was six months ago when the senators decided to approve the fence project. Crews have already put in place the temporary metal fences surrounding the Parliament House’s front lawn ramps. This is in preparation for the beginning of construction.

The news fences are just a small part of the latest security upgrade project by the Parliament which has an estimated cost of $126.7 million. The fence will be constructed up to three-fourth of the way going up the lawn.

The senators granted the approval of the security upgrade in December of last year. The signing happened at exactly the same day when two activists decided to rope down from the roof of the Parliament House. They uncovered a banned in a protest to the decision to detain in Nauru and Manus Island all asylum seekers.

Before the month ends, the two activists will be facing their charges in court because of what they did. They are called to court together with seven others who are members of the Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizens Alliance.

According to Stephen Parry, the president of the senate, there is still access to the public in the roof of the Parliament House but it will be through the internal lifts.

Aside from the steel security fence, they will be planting hedges in order to cover it.

Senator Parry said the recent comments are not true. It has been 11 years since the public was able to go up the grass ramps and reach the top of the Parliament House. This is because of the current security fences that have been installed back in 2005.

Aside from steel fences, it would be best for residential homes to opt for colorbond fence installation in Perth because of the added security and privacy. Despite the new steel fence, rules on protest action will remain the same as per the senator.

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