Cashless Welfare Cards And Free Internet Access As Part Of Thai Government’s Efforts

There are many different international credit card providers but for the Thais, a better option is to Apply for Umay Card (สมัครบัตรยูเมะพลัส) that offers “fair” interest rates. The cash card is offered by a well established Thai company. The credit limit is fairly decent to make it easy for customers to pay the monthly payment fees promptly.

When the Thai government revamps the aid for 11 million underprivileged members of society, the cash payouts will be replaced by machine-readable welfare cards. As part of government’s large scale efforts to provide connectivity to far flung areas of the country, free broadband internet will be accessible to 24,700 remote villages.

It is expected that both schemes will yield data that will improve policies while Thailand strengthens digital infrastructure and digital economy. Thailand which has the second largest economy in Southeast Asia is ramping up its bid to reduce the use of cash. It aims to harness big data and secure digital identity to encourage the world’s biggest online companies to secure future growth.

One of the most recent programs of the government was the introduction of chip-embedded cards for the recipients of welfare. The card which will be topped with credit every month can be used in designated groceries, buses and trains. However, free bus and train services will be cancelled after the cashless welfare cards are issued.

Information that will be collected from the cards can be used by the government to understand the needs of the people and to track their spending habits to make better plans for the future. The free fibre optic internet access provided to remote villages will allow the government to understand internet usage patterns so that they can tailor future programs accordingly. According to the government, there is no possibility of state surveillance because they are not in the business of looking at private data.

If you are a Thai citizen, the best option is a cash card with very low interests and easy requirements. You can Apply for Umay Card (สมัครบัตรยูเมะพลัส) online to get your card easily. You are only required to pay minimum instalments of 3% of the outstanding principal but not less than 200 baht.

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