Combat Summer Storms With Smart Home Systems

Like smartphones, smart home technologies are starting to play a big role in our daily lives. We can feel at ease knowing that we can lock our doors remotely even if we forgot to do so before leaving our property. It is also a good feeling to have swipe card entry systems installed because you don’t have to worry about the security of your home while you are away. During emergencies such as summer storms, smart home devices can play a crucial role.

Do not hesitate to invest in smart sensors because it will help you save your property from damages and more importantly your lives. If your place is prone to flooding or has a chance of getting flooded during storms, make sure to install flood sensors. This way you know when water penetrates your basement and you can react before it reaches your living areas. Fire detectors can also be installed to detect smoke before fire starts along with carbon monoxide detectors.

You can connect all your smart devices in a central hub where you can stay informed. The hub is the brain of the entire home alarm system and it can be controlled remotely so you can keep track of storm warnings as well as weather notifications. If you desire, you can have a smart weather station that will keep track of various parameters inside and outside the home such as temperature, wind speed and barometric pressure among many others.

Even if you are not at home and a storm is expected, controlling the smart home hub remotely is possible. Before the storm strikes, you can make sure all the windows are closed by checking the sensors. In case of a wildfire near your area, you can turn on the sprinkler remotely. When your basement’s flood sensor indicates a water level rising, you can turn on an automated pump to make sure that the water does not reach the upper level.

The best thing about having a smart home device is not just the ability to install swipe card entry systems but also the option to connect your network to the local authorities. This way, your home can be monitored by professionals.

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