Common Misconceptions Of People About Indian Food

Au – January 20, 2016 – What comes to your mind when you think about Indian food? Your brain may automatically link Indian food with the words hot, spicy, rich, oil, mysterious and curry powder. Many people believe that Indian food is fatty, that it is bad for their health, that Indian food is difficult to cook and is too time consuming. However, you should know that Indian food is highly misunderstood.

Indian food has spanned thousands of years and during this time, it had taken well in evolving and bettering its form. It is also a prime example of how a culture is able to absorb other foreign influences yet hold its own. Blending spices is considered a delicate art but Indian cuisine had taken it for its own and had honed it to perfection. In Indian food, you will be able to see a variety of fruit and vegetables cooked in a multitude of ways that would allow them to retain their nutrients as well as their freshness. It has also been a common practice in Indian cuisine to use fresh ingredients and start the dishes from scratch meaning there are less preservatives used.

Now, with all that said you should understand that not everything you hear about Indian food is true and it takes a little studying and eating (of course!) to actually know more about the cuisine. Here are some of the biggest misconceptions people have with Indian food.

  1. All Indian food is spicy. No it isn’t. While Indian food makes use of many different spices, they are not actually what make the food spicy. Chili could only be added based on preference.
  2. All Indian food is fatty. If you fear that Indian food is fatty and unhealthy, you should know that it isn’t actually true. How the food is cooked would determine whether it is unhealthy or not. Most Indian food cooks a number of vegetables in many different ways that could help retain their nutrients.
  3. All Indian food is diet busting. No, it would have to depend on the choices you make. It is entirely up to you how much you want to eat.
  4. All Indian food uses curry powder. Curry powder is actually a mix of many different spices that is collectively known as Garam Masala. Most households prefer to make their own Garam Masala and because of that, Indian food may taste different from one house to another.

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