Costs For Car Repair Getting Out Of Hand

In the past three years, the costs of car repair have increased rapidly. Simple repair jobs are now up to thousands on the bill. This is the reason why companies such as NCWC Inc sannounces Expanded Services. The culprit for the out of control repair costs is advanced technology. This pushes car owners to pay an average of £1,678 if they have work required to be done in their new ride.

Since 2014, the price of repair costs have been recorded to have increased rapidly by 32 per cent as a result of new technology, new materials utilized as well mechanics that did not undergo the proper training.

Industry experts have voiced out that it is possible for insurance to deny car owners of their no claims bonus if they try to make a claim to cover their windscreen damage as well as stone chips.

Replacement for the windscreen is not commonly included in policies. This simple job alone can rack up a repair bill of about £700 because of the advanced systems used by the driver assistance. This is the system that is mounted through the glass and must be calibrated on the process.

Let’s take the Ford Focus as an example. This vehicle is fitted with an automatic emergency braking system. The price for repair is more than twice the regular damage while for VW Golf the costs for repair can be as high as 78 per cent more.

According to estimates, over two million vehicles in the United Kingdom are currently equipped with the life-saving technology.

The CEO of Thatcham Research, Peter Shaw, said that vehicle manufacturers should be the one responsible in controlling the costs of these repairs. A windscreen equipped with ADAS calibration can cost between £0 and £700 when sent for repair. This is depending on the car manufacturer, the sensors and technology used.

He added that this is unacceptable and should be addresses as soon as possible because this will affect the no-claims bonus of the recent models.

Car owners are now urged to get better coverage. Take for example the NCWC Incs announces Expanded Services which will improve the service plan for their clients.

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