Countries That Make International Relocation Very Attractive

In line with the internationalization of businesses, many companies are enhancing their relocation packages to ensure that their employees are property taken care of. Instead of simply sending a business leader from the company’s headquarters to a local subsidiary, companies now ensure that their employees have the best experience in every aspect of relocation.

Companies that are regularly offering relocation packages to their employees tend to assess labor and market conditions before dispatching their expatriates to an overseas assignment. According to Cartus Corporation’s Global Mobility and Practices Survey 2016, the leading providers of global relocation services include the United States, the United Kingdom and Switzerland including Singapore and China.

Cartus derived the data that established the rankings through its client base that includes more than a half of the Fortune 50 companies. According to the respondents to the survey, relocation is well and alive with almost 47% of companies expecting that international assignments will be increased in the next 2 years.

When it comes to business expansion, various countries have their own merits. Singapore which has gained a reputation as APAC regional hub for western businesses welcomes the influx of employee relocations. It offers an established hub for services like software and IT, business and finance. The growing population of expats benefit from Singapore’s thriving economy and efficient infrastructure.

Many foreign companies also relocate to China particularly from the high-tech, agricultural and telecommunication industries. Companies that decide to relocate have access to a consistently growing market, skilled labor force and a rapidly improving economy. China is now fast becoming a principal location for most international companies.

In essence, the delivery of relocation experience has become more critical because corporate relocation has moved down the organizations. Instead of simply sending their executives overseas, they move employees in their early careers to work in a different location and environment.

International relocation is not easy for many people particularly when deciding on the best moving company. However, there are relocation companies in the UAE that will help in all the aspects of an international move. You can choose from a shortlist of leading moving companies that provide great service and real value for the money.

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