Custom Moto Guzzi From A U.K. Designer

What happens when an avid motorbike owner for a long time who is also known as one of the best international designers wanted to have a new bike? For sure the result would be out of the ordinary. This is just what Tim Dixon, a U.K. designer, did. In the latest Milan Design week, Tom Dixon presented his Tomoto exhibit called the Milan 2017: Multiplex by Tom Dixon.

While the Moto Guzzi California for sale in UK, the Tomoto will not be available in the market yet. The Tomoto is a Moto Guzzi Dixon that was a custom-made motorbike. The design was made possible with the help of Stefano Venier who is a customer motorbike builder from Italy acclaimed worldwide. He is currently based at Brooklyn, New York. Dixon was able to accomplish the custom tire tread of his Tomoto motorbike with the help of Pirelli, a tire company.

Dixon has been a Moto Guzzi owner for 27 years already and shared how working with motorbikes has helped him kick start his career in designing.

He revealed how he has always been fascinated in tinkering with his motorcycles. He always opted for the ones with the vintage look or those that are on the verge of collapsing. With these he was able to learn the basics of welding in order for him to repair the motorbike.

He was not able to repair a single bike but his interest took him to a new dimension in his career and that is designing. He admitted that he has never stopped his passion for motorcycles. This is why when he had the opportunity to check out the factory, which is the same factory that started the manufacturing in 1920s, he was able to convince the staff to allow him to tinker with one motorbike.

Elements from his previous design works are evident on Tomoto such as the geometric pattern on the wheel rims, the hand-painting and the headlight design. Sadly, Tomoto is not a prototype to be sent for production but rather a display model. For enthusiast, you can check out the Moto Guzzi California for sale in UK.

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