Customer Experience: Does It Really Contribute To Delivery Success?

As the online shopping market increased in Australia, one would have easily thought that this would also increase the income of delivery service providers in the country. Despite the obvious need for their services, 2016 stats shows that their revenue shrunk. What could have gone wrong?

Reports show that many customers in Australia are dissatisfied with the delivery services. While it’s considered a billion dollar industry, negative customer satisfaction shows that this still has potential to grow even bigger into what it currently is today. But for this, courier international in Australia and local providers might need to make some changes.

According to Steve Orenstein who is the CEO and Founder of Zoom2u, an on-demand courier service that began operating in 2014, it is possible to win the approval of clients with the help of customer-focused solutions. Orenstein shares how they are making this possible for their customers.

Zoom2u has a three-hour or same day delivery service, something that traditional providers have yet to offer. The CEO notes that traditional providers have to keep up with the substantial growth in B2C, the reason that some companies are choosing their business over them; it’s because their services are more convenient for their own customers. Aside from the short delivery time, customers are also given the power to easily track their parcels. They can contact the drivers directly with the use of a tool and even rate and review them using their smartphones. People simply do not have these types of services if their parcels were sent via the Post Office. Of course, this type of service was only made possible with the help of hundreds of drivers on board the company.

Other couriers in Australia could learn a lesson or two from this company. Their formula seems to be working really well. They are said to be growing at the rate of 15 percent a month. Zoom2u even got a new deal with two well-known companies, DHL and BigCommerce.

Does this mean that people can expect better delivery service for this year compared to the poor performance seen in 2015 and 2016? As Orenstein implied, the secret to delivery success all boils down to focusing on the needs of the customers. The real question now is, are the couriers willing to make some needed changes?


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