David Stowe On Photographing Wildlife

David Stowe gets a living through wedding photography in Sydney but he cannot run away from his true passion which is to capture the rawness of Mother Nature. Many might quip that it is not a good idea to work with either kids or animals but Stowe proved that he can make a career while dealing with both.

Stowe is currently living in Sydney and he is a photographer by profession. He is also one of the latest finalists in the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Awards for 2017. He was included because of his entry which is a photograph of a family of brolgas while they are all settling in their nest before nighttime hits in Victoria.

Two years ago, he was able to take home the same award because he was able to capture an incredible moment, a white-winger tern that is ready to take off with his wings in symmetrical position.

Mr. Stowe shared that growing up, he was exposed to camping with his parents and this started his love of nature. The bushes were a haven for him even at a young age. He enjoys being disconnected from civilization and being away from people for a period. He added that desert time is such an integral part of his life.

He admitted that the can for hours and hours just to be able to capture the winning shot. His most recent adventure is in the outback of Queensland in the hope of capturing in photograph the grasswren which is known for being elusive when it comes to humans.

Stowe said that grasswren enjoyed staying in the undergrowth thus they can’t be photographed easily. He decided to climb Mount Isa and wait for an opportunity to capture them. He shared that being a wildlife photographer can be a challenge but when he is able to photograph elusive species that are rarely seen, the feeling is pretty amazing.

He also emphasized that in order to do so, one must have the right gear. He invested in a camera body worth $8,900 while his telephoto lens cost him $11,000. He said that he still does wedding photography in Sydney but he is currently immersed in wildlife.

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