Discover The Hidden Beauty Of Phuket

The hidden beauty of Thailand can be explored through boat charter in Phuket that can provide you with a private luxury yacht. The islands of Phuket will provide you with an adventure that is uniquely different from what you will experience in the beaches. The islands offer a fantastic range of activities from kayaking, sailing, snorkelling and scuba diving.

Options are abundant if you prefer a yachting experience. There are 3 islands to choose from – the Andaman Sea islands, the southern Gulf of Thailand islands and the east of Bangkok islands. The most popular yachting expedition in Thailand is Phuket because of the huge number of yachts available, the superior infrastructure for boats and the visual splendour of the islands.

Phuket is an ideal destination for a chartering experience. In fact, Phuket is the home to Phuket Race Week, King’s Cup Regatta and several sailing activities making it a premier sailing destination in Southeast Asia.

If you have a passion for photography, your best destination is Phang Nga Bay where you will find secret lagoons, picture perfect crystal clear waters, and secluded beaches with limestone reefs. You can also visit James Bond Island or Ko Phing Kan. The island became popular in the international tourism map because of the James Bond film “The Man with the Golden Gun.”

If you want a rare adventure, your best option is Ko Hong island group, a popular group of uninhabited islands with distinctive limestone rock formations. A large lagoon called The Room can be found in the middle of the island. It is uniquely different from other lagoons because it changes colour from deep emerald green to clear turquoise.

The lagoon can be accessed through kayaks during low tide and motorboats during mid-tide. If you keep quiet, you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of local wildlife that frequents the white sand beaches.

You will enjoy a more exciting in Thailand if you do not have to share space with a crowd of tourists. There are several destinations in Phuket that you can reach through boat charter in Phuket with a professional crew that will take care of all the details to ensure an exciting adventure.

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