Drug Addiction Traps Victims In Abusive Relationships

According to the police, family violence is a large issue in New Zealand, and this is also aggravated by drug addiction.


Dangerous drugs are compounding to spikes in cases of domestic abuse where the victims are in fear of losing their drug supplies more than their lives.


Drug addiction versus personal safety


Detective Sergeant Dave Beattie who is a family harm prevention manager mentioned that it is very concerning how family violence victims are getting taken over by darkness when in association with drug abuse. He added that it is more dangerous when the partner is supplying the drug. He also said that victims are aware that they may get killed by their partners anytime.


The result is being trapped in violence rather than choosing safety, Beattie said.


According to him, victims are struggling logically especially with violence or abuse since their addictions far outweigh their personal safety including their children.


Synthetic methamphetamine and cannabis are aggravating the problems of family violence. Victims are being robbed of their logic, blinded by risks, and they are helpless in stepping away due to their physical and mental addictions.


Increase in violence and abuse


Beattie mentioned that components of synthetic cannabis have been changed which results in unawareness of what chemicals are entering the body and bloodstream.


He added that there is a 30% increase in violence just in Taranaki, and although he couldn’t say regarding national numbers, this problem is surely not isolated in the place.


Forty percent of the time, police deal with domestic abuse. However, only 23% are reported with a huge statistic left undetected.


On an average, 10 children and 14 women are killed because of a family member. 3500 men and more are also convicted for assaulting women yearly.


Help for available for families and individuals


Police are working with agencies to assist those who are trapped to escape the toxic life.


Addiction is viewed as a concerning issue, and organizations are focused on helping families and individuals in order to make better choices and lifestyle changes.


While people with drug abuse problems couldn’t be forced into treatment, there are multiple clinics, outpatient appointments, hospitals and luxury rehab facilities readily available.

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