Estimated Cost Of Living In Pattaya, Amounts In Baht And For A Full Month

Compared to living in the Western countries, cost of living in Pattaya is forty to sixty percent lower. The most valuable aspect is the cheap cost of living space. Condominiums, villas, and houses for sale Pattaya are reasonably priced because the market is full of cheap and affordable options. Instead of risking to be unoccupied, developers are joining the competitive prices in the market. The price is mainly based on the size of the property and the demand for the location.


To make the analysis easier, the prices are computed per square meter. In this way, depending on the property size you need or desire, the data will still be useful. Average price for houses for sale Pattaya Central is 38,743.46 Thai baht per square meter, East Pattaya at 28,086 per square meter while Southern Pattaya is cheaper at 25,544.79 per square meter. For tenancy, Central Pattaya is properties is priced at an average of 137.40 Thai baht per square meter, East Pattaya is around 212.83 Thai baht per square meter and Southern Pattaya is at 172.49 Thai baht per square meter. The change in trend is due to the supply in demand in the area, as tenancy usually appeals to tourists. Central Pattaya, being the center of tourism, is nestled with cheaper hotels that are why house rentals also have to adjust to compete with the market.


If you do not use air conditioning, the electricity consumption can only cost you around 200 to 500 Thai baht. Using air conditioning only on fairly hot days will cost you around 800 to a thousand Thai baht. For a small living space, and using air conditioning most days may spike your electricity bill to 3,000 Thai baht.


Internet service has tremendously improved in Pattaya, and the greatest thing about it is that the cost have gone way down as well. Low-end internet line with cable services is only about 590 Thai baht. Mid-grade service with fast speed and great dependability is valued around 1,000 Thai baht. Premium services with rock-solid connection typical and close to a hundred percent dependability is around 2,000 Thai baht only.


Local food is cheaper in Thailand than imported food. If you are a Thai moving to Pattaya, then there is no need to fret. But if you are a foreign national who prefers western food or imported goods, products may be a bit overpriced, which is common in tourist-based cities around the world.


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