Experts Urge Brisbane Residents To Invest In Solar Power

Experts have already shared their view regarding solar panels in Brisbane. According to them, it would be wise to invest in them especially at the current market where the pricing is quite competitive.

A research was recently conducted by the Australian PV Institute, a non-profit company that specializes in solar energy, together with the University of New South Wales. It revealed that the central business district of Brisbane will be able to benefit significantly from using solar energy.

The chairman of the institute, Renare Egan, said that they have conducted a stocktake regarding the central business district of Brisbane and the potential effect of the solar energy systems and it shows that if they are able to install a solar power with capacity of about 188 megawatts then they will be able to generate enough energy in order to cover 11 per cent of the electrical needs of the entire central business district.

She also added that the project can be accomplished if there is an upfront investment worth $200 million and the electricity repayments will be about $30 million annually.

The institute was able to perform the stocktake with the use of its latest Solar Potential Map. This is capable of calculating the amount of electrical energy that can be generated from specific roofs in the central business district of Brisbane. Ms. Egan also said that around 50 per cent of the roofs in the district can be installed with solar panels.

The institute has already made a discussion with the Queensland Government regarding the starting upfront investment which will be utilized to install solar panels in a number of government buildings including Queensland Performing Arts Centre and Suncorp Stadium.The energy minister of Queensland, Mark Bailey, said that they will consider proposals that will help them reach their aim for a 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030.

She revealed that they started the stocktake with the central business district of Brisbane and Queensland due to the pro-activeness of the areas when it comes to solar energy system. Solar panels in Brisbane that have been installed has already reached 1.6 gigawatts while in Queensland they are aiming to have about three gigawatts of generate energy before the turn of 2020.

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