Give Your Bathroom A Makeover Before The Holiday Guests Arrive

It is very likely that your feelings were hurt when your mother-in-law noticed the dripping showerhead and your brother-in-law commented that your archaic toilet still uses gallons of water per flush. You sister-in-law also said something about the lack of natural light in the bathroom. While people are focused on shopping for Christmas gifts, you are thinking about renovating the bathroom, a perfect project before guests arrive for the holiday.

Renovating the bathroom is a good investment because it enhances your enjoyment at the same time that the upgrade will improve the value of your home. While bathroom makeover makes sense, there are a few tips to ensure the best returns on investment.

• Sinks and toilets are bathroom necessities but choose those with an appealing design to enhance bathroom aesthetics. Conserving water is eco-friendly; replace the water-guzzling commode with a low flush, high performance toilet in luxurious design to elevate the comfort and beauty of the fixture.
• Make a statement through the design of your sink. Replace the old model bathroom sink with sleek, modern options with a clean and uncomplicated look. Modern round sinks work well with bathrooms that have limited space.
• Turn the ordinary bathroom experience into something exceptional and luxurious. Once you have taken care of the basics, incorporate a luxurious element like a rainfall showerhead or a multi-spray hand shower. If you have limited space, opt for the tub and shower combination and ceramic shelving at the corner of the shower.
• Lack of natural light in the bathroom is a typical problem. If there is no space for windows, add a skylight to allow healthy sunlight inside the space. In the absence of direct roof access, install the skylight tubular model that makes use of reflective tubes to direct sunlight to a room.

Remodeling the bathroom also requires replacing some of the furniture. Bathrooms and More Store is your best source for sophisticated vanity units and oak furniture that will create a luxurious ambiance. A wide range of quality natural stone-washed basins is also available which are guaranteed to breathe an air of elegance in your private space.

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