Google’s New Security Cam

With the ever growing concern for securities in households, different companies have designed advanced security and alarm systems to cater to the needs of commercial and residential places. Companies like the iHome Alarm Systems have a pool of technically ingenious people that think out of the box in order to give their clients a peace of mind while away from home. Even the corporate giants like Google are trying to make a name in the world of security systems.

Nest Labs launches its newest product

Nest Labs is a Google-owned maker of smoke alarm and thermostat. It has recently announced that it is developing a product that will connect you more with home. It launched its first ever security camera which they call the Nest Cam.


Nest Cam is built on features similar but more advanced and sophisticated like the Dropcam. The Dropcam was acquired by Nest in 2014 for a staggering amount of $555 million. This start up has the ability to upload various videos to cloud and have it played live stream onto a computer or a smart phone.

With the Nest Cam, several features have been refined and there are also other add-ons. The video quality of the new product is in full definition (1080p). The night vision ability has improved and there is also a new added design. It features a magnetic base which you can readily twist around, bend at whatever angle and mounted upside down.

The manager of Nest Lab said that they already have anticipated that cameras would be indispensable in homes. They spent years in order to built their first camera prototype in order have a fascinating experience with the product.

Nest Cam features a 130 degree viewing angle. It also has powerful glass lens equipped with a digital zoom and can magnify pictures up to 8 times. This feature allows the users to see the very fine details even when they stand across the room. To add, eight infrared LEDs and several new algorithms are incorporated in this new technology in order to improve the motion detection as well as the night vision. The Nest Cam can readily tell the difference between the glowing sunlight and a torch. This way, it does not get easily confused and switch to daytime mode if a burglar will try to confuse it and shine a light on it.

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