GWRL, Paper Mart And Other Major Countries Uses Waste To Gain Wealth

Paper Mart is one of quite many companies today that has made their foundations on top of materials which can be used by consumers for other purposes – in other words, recycled materials or eco-friendly materials. People may have varying thoughts regarding the matter, but when Paper Mart decided to release to the world their gorgeous crafted products, you wouldn’t even think that they are made mostly of eco-friendly materials. From then on, it has managed to attract customers, earn a lot whilst being a good friend to nature.

One of the companies that have taken this steps to eco-friendly wealth is GWRL also known as ‘Global Waste Recyclers’ Ltd. It’s located at Chennai and is considered to be one of the top contenders in its industry. Like Paper Mart, the company has found wealth on waste or a more friendly term, eco-friendly materials. This statement was shared by their Managing Director as bring good news to the world about them.

The production rate of the company for papers falls in about 10 Million Tons. This 10 Million is contributed from different types of materials – raw, agro, and waste paper. Out of all 3, the waste paper, which as the name suggests comes from papers that were already used, contributes most to the production rate. This only shows how inclined the company is in recycling and reducing wastes while still being able to cater to consumers’ needs.

Paper Mart and GWRL are not the only eco-friendly companies in the world today. Companies in Major Countries are also joining this revolutionary move like Japan, Germany, Italy, US and Western Europe, all of which uses more than 20% of used materials unlike GWRL which stays at 20.

The family that founded GWRL have already been in India since 1962. From there, they have built up their amazing eco-friendly kingdom to what it is today. Back then, they have shared that people in their country didn’t really put attention to waste management called Paper Mart, but now, through the help of the company, the country have become a part of the eco-friendly move like many companies in the world.

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