Health Representative In New Zealand Defends Vaping

New Zealand’s government made an announcement on March of this year regarding their plan to legalize vaping supplies NZ which vaping supplies nz receives a lot of positive feedbacks. There are oppositions though including the ARANZ. According to the organization, the products can have negative effects on human’s respiratory system even after studies have been published to counter the claim.

The CEO of ARANZ, Letitia O’Dwyer, said that they have found nothing positive about the use of vape especially in decreasing the number of people who are smoking. The organization believes that the Ministry of Health is giving public advice despite only knowing one part of the story in using e-cigarettes. This is despite the fact that vaping is considerably safer compared to smoking an actual cigarette. O’Dwyer added that they have accumulated evidence that the use of e-cigarettes can have an ill-effect on a person’s respiratory tract. They are advising the MOH to be careful as they devise the regulations for the said products in the market.

The Hapai Te Hauora, a Maori Health Organization, was forced to defend the decision of the Ministry of Health which they are in favour with.

The national advisor of the organization, Dr. Lance O’Sullivan, said that if quitting cigarette smoking is easy, the entire New Zealand would have been smokefree years ago. The truth is that it is not easy to quit and the rate of smokers has barely decreased. He added that the people should welcome other alternatives which remove the harm brought by tobacco products and it is a fact that e-cigarettes are safer compared to tobacco.

The organization has always been supportive of various approach campaigned to promote the end of smoking and e-cigarettes have shown positive results when it comes to the smoking population of the Maori.

O’Sullivan urged that vaping supplies NZ should be supported rather than releasing campaigns against it. If opposition continuous to fight against e-cigarettes then they believe that the country will not be able to reach its goal of having a Smokefree 2025 especially in communities that are densely affected by cigarette addiction.

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