Hotel Secrets You May Want To Know About

So you have prepared everything for that trip you have been waiting for all month, all your clothes are packed, hotel reservations have been made. But before you go on that most awaited trip, here are some interesting things you might want to know about hotels, secrets they probably do not want you to know.

  1. The Probability of Getting Walked.

You may have heard about the term getting walked.’ This is when a hotel gets full accommodations and other reservations that have already been made and paid for by people would then have to be canceled by the hotel. To make up for the inconvenience to the people who made these reservations, the hotel would then have to walk the clients into a different hotel that offers similar deals. This can prove to be an irritating problem to clients who are getting walked. Walking a client happens because in hotels today, there is a 10% no-show rate. To make the best out of this rate, hotels would tend to overbook. Meaning, reservations accepted by hotels are at a 110%, which is more than the maximum. You are more likely to get walked out if you have booked through a promo or a discounted rate or if you are only to stay for a single night. If you are less likely to return to the city or the hotel, you would also be likely to get walked. If you are an A-class jerk, then you are sure to get walked.

  1. Smart Complainers ALWAYS Win.

Most complaints and problems are often directed to the front desk. Though if you truly want something done, then you should try to outline the problem and think of a solution. Afterwards suggest it to the front desk and then ask who you should talk to regarding this matter. Also, if you want to make sure that the hotel employee does his job, then try getting his name. Nothing would scare him more than that.

  1. Discount Rates, Discount Experience.

So you might have booked at a Tel Aviv hotel via a discount site. Know that hotels are always after profit and if you are not helping with that, then you might not be given much importance.

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