How Cartoon Characters Influence The Choice Of A Career

Cartoon characters play an important role in society. TV advertisements are influenced by popular cartoon characters as well as toys and apparel. Some dolls are obviously based on the image of My Little Pony character Rainbow Dash.

A new study in the United Kingdom revealed that a third of their construction workers were so taken by cartoon characters on TV and films during their childhood that it inspired them with their career path. A business insurance website made a research on factors that influenced Britons with their career choices and whether the cartoons they enjoyed during childhood had an effect.

A total of 1,947 construction workers between the ages of 18 and 55 were polled. All the workers were residents of the UK. Initially, they were asked how much TV they watched during childhood. The workers recalled that between ages 3 to 8 years they watched TV for 3.5 hours daily or 24.5 hours each week. When given a list of different iconic characters from TV and films, the following emerged as the most popular choices:

• Bob the Builder – 42%
• Super Mario – 19%
• Fred Flintstone – 16%
• Emmet from the Lego movie – 8%
• Wreck-it Ralph – 4%

A third of the respondents (31%) admitted that seeing cartoon characters working in construction influenced the career they finally ended up with. Two-thirds (66%) of the respondents agreed that cartoon characters on TV and film should be positive role models in media. A vast majority (81%) agreed that those working in or around the construction sector must be fairly represented on both films and TV.

According to Lyndon Wood, CEO and creator of, it is great that some of the most popular cartoon characters during childhood like Bob the Builder have represented people in the construction industry. These characters were more influential than expected. The quality and availability of career choices presented by media has made a huge impact on young people. Fewer youngsters would pursue unrealistic ambitions as singers, dancers and actors because there are other more substantial career choices.

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