How Driverless Cars Read Vehicle Signage In Sydney

Transurban’s Melbourne network is set to start later in August Australia’s first trial of driverless vehicles on a toll road in real traffic conditions.It’s now time for the vehicles running by themselves to see vehicle signage in Sydney while running the streets.

As you can see, driverless vehicles run without human motorists directing it to drive. It helps minimize danger such as vehicular accidents as the vehicle is focused on running down the roads.

Transurban, the operator for Sydney and Brisbane roads, and Melbourne’s CityLink, will also test driverless vehicles on Washington roads in the United States.

According to Chief Executive Charlton, the automatic vehicles won’t be marked but will be run by a professional driver to handle the vehicle when necessary. Though the vehicle is autonomous, the driver is there to assist it and how it can manage to follow vehicle signage in Sydney when running down the roads.

The tests will include a variety of automated vehicles running in peak hours, non-peak times and under all conditions.

“We’ll try to test those vehicles in real situations – how they perform in roads and how they move with drivers,” Mr. Charlton said.

“Over the next twenty years, you’ll be interacting with independent and non-independent vehicles.”

“So how do we expect to play this out?”

According to Mr. Charlton the autonomous vehicles can read fairly good static vehicle signage in Sydney, but can have problems with electronic LED signage and undergo hardships when moving into tunnels, especially that no horizon can be seen.

Mr. Charlton said the trialswill go till the next eighteen months.

The series of tests are meant to evaluate the autonomy of driverless vehicles’, how the vehicle will interact with the roadsides, and levels of sectioning where the vehicles travel within a few meters of each other behind a lead vehicle.

Mobile GPS tolling technology will also be tried on 1000 drivers in Sydney for reasons to make the toll system simpler to use and promote usage on toll roads.

A mobile phone app will be used for this new technology to monitor where the vehicle is travelling on toll roads.

On the motorist’s mobile phone is the system’s message describing his payment options.

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