How To Choose A Creator Of Illustrated Maps

Illustrated maps are becoming a trend for those who love to travel and would venture into a new and unfamiliar place. Gone are the days when people would settle for boring maps but they have no other choice but utilize them as they are useful in terms of getting from one point to another. Nowadays, maps are utilized in different settings and most of these maps are already innovative and even interactive. Illustrated maps are utilized in resorts and large hotels and in government offices, schools and academic institutions, gigantic theme parks, development maps and also in architectural or engineering projects. If you need specialized maps look for a reputable illustrator or an illustrating company to get the best results. Here are some tips.

Uses modern illustration techniques

Expert map illustrators know how to use different techniques deliver an accurate and functional map. The map should be a combination of traditional and electronic illustration techniques using water-color, pencil and ink. An expert illustrator can create illustrated maps on different materials and platforms.

Check the illustrator’s previous projects

Check the illustrator’s previous projects before coming up with a decision. Sample works are usually found on the illustrator’s website or you can ask for copies to be emailed to you. Another way is to ask for the contact information of his past customers and call them for feedback. Find out how the map is being utilized by the individual or institution and if the map is effective. You might also want to ask if the map is still in serviceable condition such as the color is still vibrant or the edges are not yet chipped. Find out if the materials used are high quality.

Trusted by more customers

You might also want to check the reputation of illustrated maps maker. Only hire an illustrator that is trusted in the industry and one with positive customer feedback. Most customers would talk when they are not satisfied with the service and you can find these impressions on discussion boards over the internet or forums which are also available online.

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