How To Create A Spa-Like Environment In The Bathroom

Every family has a right to a fabulous bathroom and this task can easily be provided by best bathroom renovation in Perth. The fact is bathroom and kitchen renovations not only enhance the pride in one’s home but it increases the home’s resale value. The first step however is to look for bathroom renovation experts who focus on quality service and professionalism.

Americans has a strong affection for luxurious bathrooms that look like a spa with features like free-standing bathtubs and separate vanities. They also ensure to make use of high quality materials so that they can enjoy a spa-like experience. According to Remodeling Magazine cost vs. value report, bathroom renovations are the most valuable home improvements because it can turn up to 70% ROI at the time of resale.

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Associations 2015 Kitchen & Bath Style Report, freestanding bathtubs are among the top ten trends for 2015. In addition to a shower, a freestanding bath can add value to a home not to mention that it can provide a wonderful experience. The bath is often used as a place for relaxation and to de-stress after a particularly hard day.

However, for the budget conscious and a bathroom that lacks space, the price and size of freestanding bathtubs may not be possible for small bathroom renovations. There are bathtubs though that are size-wise and budget-friendly to evoke a cost effective spa-like ambiance in a small bathroom.

It has been proven that color evokes a certain mood. The finest spas all over the world make use of color palettes designed to create a calming atmosphere. When renovating the bathroom, the flooring and cabinetry will be the foundations of the color scheme. It is suggested to use neutral and natural tones like creams, tans, light browns and pale grays however, on the walls, countertops and accessories more traditional calming colors like gentle blues, sea foam greens, barely-there lavender and the faintest yellow can be used.

Always remember that in order to create a spa-like ambiance, peaceful and elegant combinations must be highly considered. A spa-like atmosphere also requires lighting versatility. Maximum brightness must be available when needed as well as softer glow to create a mood.

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