How To Find Exclusive Resort In Phuket

While there are those who go on vacation to party and socialize, there are also those who want to get away from rowdy crowds and enjoy the serenity of the beach or nature. If you are among those who are looking for some peace and quietness to reflect on life or just to relax, an exclusive resort in Phuket is what you should look for. There are numerous exclusive resorts along Phuket and finding one would not be a challenge. Here are simple tips to guide you to that perfect resort.

Search through the internet

Most modern and luxury resorts have their own websites. Utilize your preferred search engine to find a list of exclusive hotels around Phuket. When you have already a list, visit the websites to determine which of them offers exclusivity that you want. You will know that you are looking into an exclusive resort when they offer select services that are only offered to their guests. The location should also be secluded and should not be easily accessed by curious tourists.

Check the locator map

To find an exclusive resort in Phuket, you can check on the website’s locator map to determine if it is secluded or in a private area as what the resort claims. It would be best if the resort is situated away from entertainment bars and pubs which can be noisy and filled with rowdy crowds. Choosing an isolated resort also gives you the security and the feeling that you have the beach all to yourself or at least a few of the resort guests. You don’t have to worry about swimming with a lot of strangers or enjoying the beach while worrying about your safety.

Read resort reviews

Lastly, to fully enjoy an exclusive resort in Phuket, read reviews or check if the hotel has awards or given citations by reputable bodies for the resort’s excellent service and hospitality. You can find such information from the hotel’s website and also from independent review sites on the internet. You can also check from Thailand’s tourism agency for recommended hotels.

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