How To Save Money Even On A Holiday

Holiday season is just around the corner and travelers will be flying to different destinations. You will be spending money on accommodation, food and drinks, attraction tickets and car rental from companies such as Flisvos. While you may be out for rest and relaxation, being smart about your spending will not hurt a bit once you are back from your dream vacation.

According to a data, about £2.7 million were lost by travelers who have been involved in scam websites for booking holiday packages or rental cars and other vacation related bookings. This is why it is more important to plan ahead of time to make sure you will not be one of the future victims.

Here are some of the important tips to keep in mind before and during your travel:

  • Electronic devices are now banned to be carried in your hand luggage when traveling to the Middle East thus you have to stow it in your checked-in baggage but how do you know that your precious gadgets are protected? According to Emma Coulthurst, an expert from TravelSupermarket, if you have to check in you gadget before your flight, make sure to call your insurance provider to ask about the coverage of your policy when it comes to electronic devices. If it is not included then you may ask for an additional coverage for you electronic devices or you may also think about bringing them if they are not a necessity while abroad.
  • There are many fraud websites scattered all over the internet. They are mostly booking firms that prey on first time travelers. They offer deals that are hard to pass up along with stolen images from genuine travel websites. According to Emma Coulthurst, if the only payment option is bank transferthen you have to be cautious. Check for the official logos embedded on the site, if the logos are fuzzy then they are most likely posted by scammers who are not willing to invest more in their fraud website.
  • When booking for a car rental, make sure that you are visiting a genuine and trusted website such as by Flisvos. You don’t want to ruin your vacation in Crete or Chania by arriving there only to find out that you have no car rental booked under your name. Make sure that your car rental is covered with an insurance policy to protect your pocket in case of an accident.

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