How Virginia Beach Handled Property Tax

Executors of estate in Virginia are required to get a Virginia Tax ID in order for them to pay the taxes properly. Sadly though the tax is fixed for estate properties but for people who are looking for a tax relief for their vehicles should be surprised to hear that Virginia Beach is letting them appeal by applying through their program. The only thing they have to do is to drive up to one of the tents within their business hours and they will have an on-site assessment of their car.

According to Virginia Beach’s record, this year the number of people who have appealed for a tax relief for their personal property taxes have reached 17,000 in 2018. The appeal only started last month and will last until a portion of this month. With the help of the appeal program, the taxpayers were able to save a total of $600,000 from their collective bill. Since the program was launched, it has already provided a total of $4 million worth of tax relief.

The deadline for the taxes was set last June 5 but the tent was able to accommodate more people until the 9th. Appeals are still ongoing for those who are going to submit them to the office of the commissioner.

The appeal program was started almost two decades ago in Virginia Beach but it only became popular among the locals in the last few years. Back in 2014, the number of appeals received was only 5,679 but for this year it has ballooned to almost 17,000.

The revenue commissioner of Virginia Beach, Phil Kellam, said that the main reason for the increase in the number of appeals is social media. Before then, information regarding the appeal program is only spread through posted signs in the town, printed in the tax bills of the residents and also reported on the news.

Kellam said that the information went viral on social media thus the number of appeals has grown so much. They hope that the same medium could be used to encourage people to apply for Virginia Tax ID in order to pay their tax properly and to help the state.

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