Importance Of Advanced Testing In Large Software Rollouts

One of the important functions of human resources is payroll computation that consists of the financial details of an employee’s salary, deductions, allowances etc. including the generation of the pay slip. In order to ensure that the computation of the payroll is free from mistakes, there is an integrated payroll management system that simplifies payroll computation and other related processes.

Last October, the state of Michigan started to use new software that controls everything from payroll to procurement. However, glitches were experienced on the part of the system that managers use to approve expense reimbursements. State employees who used their own money for job expenses have to wait for weeks until the glitch in the new accounting software is fixed so that they will be repaid.

Employees have to wait until November 16 before they will be reimbursed of their money used for travel and procurement of equipment that is associated to their work. Michigan owed some employees as much as $1,000. Employees who were not able to input expenses until last week were told that their expenses will be reimbursed on their November 2 pay checks.

According to Kurt Weiss, spokesperson for the State Budget Office, they are currently testing some fixes to the reimbursement software so that the state employees can be paid before the November 16 deadline. The state has allowed the managers to advance the payment to their employees, if they can because without money their employees may experience hardships.

Dozens of outdated systems have to be replaced with software in the state departments. The task of providing $178 million worth of software was awarded to Statewide Integrated Governmental Management Application. Overall, the system worked and it was expected to be a resounding success. However, it seems that the software provider needs to provide training to make the system user friendly. There was also a lack of advanced testing which is very crucial in large software rollouts.

Manual calculation of payroll is a thing of the past because there are tools like payroll management system that can efficiently manage the whole process. Everything will be done efficiently from the capture of employee information to the calculation of salaries and execution of documents.

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