Interactive Map Released In Order To Track Zika Virus

Many residents and visitors in New York City are worried about contacting the Zika virus. This is the reason why the city’s Health Department has created an interactive guide that comes with a map. The map shows the locations with the most mosquitoes and it also details what steps the workers are taking in order to prevent the virus from spreading even more.

According to officials, the latest Web tools are just a portion of what the Health Department are doing in order to fight Zika. The plan is set for three years and it will cost $21 million to make sure that Zika will not spread in the Big Apple. With the use of the tools, there will be weekly updated regarding their surveillance on the mosquitoes and the control operations they are performing all over the city.

People using the tools will be able to check where the workers of the Health Department are going to respond to complaints regarding the mosquitoes. They can see what areas are given the highest number of notices for violating rules about preventing standing water. Locations where pesticides are administered will also be available.

The officials also said in a statement that the Health Department have already placed 120 mosquito traps all over the city in order for the residents to have an idea of the number of insects going around their neighborhood for each week.

Despite the fact that the interactive map shows the average population of mosquitoes that are trapped for each week of 2016, officials admitted that there is no data that indicates the percentage of getting the virus. It will only show where different species of mosquitoes are found all the time such as Culex restuans, Culex pipiens and Aedes albopictus.

The graphic currently shows that Queens is where majority of the adult mosquitoes are found while Jackson Heights has the highest number of the insects for each week with an average of around 116 mosquitoes caught by the trap for this year alone.

Despite the fact that no aegypti mosquito has been found, already 483 cases of Zika virus are reported in New York City and this proves why the maps are very important such as the interactive as well as the illustrated map.

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