Introduction Of The Latest Hotel Booking Engine

Recently, a hotel booking engine was launched to the public called Traveliko. It has now officially started its operation on the extranet and last month, they have already received on-boarding hotels bookings. The platform boasts a medium wherein people can travel fairly and ethically while getting their money’s worth. All this is done by the company while making sure that they are making the Earth a better place.

The brainchild project is a product of the ideas formed by travel industry veterans who are aware by the unbalance that is happening in the commercial landscape and how it has increased over the years especially in the travel and global hospitality sector. They started an initiative wherein innovative measures will be utilized in order to regain the balance in terms of ethics in the travel business. The initiative also aims to hand over to the hotels the pricing control as well as set a standard when it comes to services provided by online hotels and reservation companies.

According to the co-founder of Traveliko, Yann Gouriou who is also a former general manager in a hotel and CEO of Unicorn Hotels and Resorts which is headquartered in Bangkok, the new company they have developed aims to challenge the current status quo. There is now a new option for people aside from the usual OTA wherein the hotels are suffering from the high commissions and they are forced to offer their room rates at a lower price just to have more visibility in the popular travel websites.

Traveliko is different from the traditional OTAs because of the best rates that are given to booking customers. The hotels affiliated with the company are also charged with only 10 per cent commission which is considerably lower compared to leading OTAs in the market. One more thing that is good about Traveliko is that 20 per cent of its net commission is sent as donation to charities that are project-oriented. These charities will depend on the location of the hotel where the commission was received.

If you want an alternative to the OTAs currently on the market, there is now a more positive company as an option. You can book hotels such as Sukhumvit hotel in Bangkok and other accommodations.

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