Is It Allowed To Push A Stroller In The Cycling Lane?

It is typical for parents to put their child in a stroller during a quick trip around the city or in the shopping mall. The stroller can be conveniently folded and stored in the car on the way home. Mothers pushing strollers is a common sight in most streets but not on a cycling lane.

According to the director of Cycling P.E.I., strollers should not be used on the cycling lane of Victoria Park in Charlottetown at any time of the day. On a Thursday, a mother from Fort Augustus was confronted by a cyclist when she was pushing a stroller with her son down the cycling lane while her daughter was riding her bicycle.

The mother told The Guardian she did not feel it safe to leave her daughter alone on her bicycle on the cycling lane while she pushed the stroller on another lane. However, Mike Connolly said that strollers do not have a place in the cycling lane which is only for bicycles. His concerns are related to safety issue because young kids on their bicycles and mothers pushing strollers might be hit by cyclists who are going at high speed.

Connolly said that the City of Charlottetown has appropriate signs stating that cycling lanes are only for rollerblades, scooters, skateboards, inline skates and cyclists. Signs are also posted to warn people that strollers, dog walkers, runners and walkers are not allowed on the cycling lanes.

On the other hand, the city’s parks and recreation department said that while strollers are not allowed on the cycling lane, the mother was walking beside a daughter who was riding a bicycle. Connolly said that the mother had a better option of using the path that runs above the cycling lane where her daughter can ride slowly while she is pushing the stroller.

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