Is Smart Tint Technology An Eco-Friendly Solution?

One might have heard of building window tinting in Sydney but a new technology offers what they call smart tinting glass. Glass is one of the most used material in building construction and an innovation is clearly good news for the industry. Asia is currently experiencing a construction boom and 71 of the tallest buildings in the globe, out of 100, are currently being constructed in the region. On the other hand, 79 out of the 100 highest buildings that are under proposal are already on their planning phase.

In Singapore alone, there are around 12 buildings that are under construction and currently being designed and all of them are expected to be finished by 2021. The building industry of the city-state has quite a big role to play to ensure that they are within the emissions targets outlined in the Paris Agreement. Buildings are second on the list of highest energy consumer in Singapore. In fact, it accounts to one third of the electricity consumption of the whole country.

It should also be noted that in terms of energy efficiency gains, this area is one on the top of the list. Based on studies, the owners as well as the tenants of the commercial buildings have almost the same energy consumption – 51 per cent for owners and 49 per cent for tenants.

It is quite common to see that the facades of modern buildings are mostly made of glass, accounting to 80 per cent. The problem is that glass is not a good option if one wants to achieve energy efficiency as well as sustainability as required by governments in order to counter climate change and the effects of urbanisation.

This is where a new technology comes in, the smart tinting glass. When installed, the energy consumption of a building may decrease at an average rate of 20 per cent when compared with low emissivity glass. This new technology makes it possible for the glass to shift from dark to clear depending on the time of the day. This is possible with the use of light and thermal sensors. This technology is an even better version of building window tinting in Sydney but it is not as affordable.

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