Key Differences Between Universal And Custom Made Seat Covers

The most haunting question for vehicle owners, who are installing seat covers for their vehicles is whether to opt for universal seat covers or to go for custom fit covers. Both the types of covers have their pros and cons. It is difficult to choose between the two varieties. Here are a few points to consider before investing in seat covers.

  1. Check for the fit of seat covers. While custom made to fit covers in materials such as leather, vinyl and neosupreme seat covers fit the seats in your vehicle snugly as they are made- to –order, to suit the specifications of your vehicle, the universal seat covers are designed to fit as many vehicles as possible. It is designed like a one size fits all solution but is difficult to work. With so many seat designs and measurements, the universal seat covers bought off the shelf do not offer a perfect fit. It is always a smart idea to invest in custom made seat covers for a great looking seat covers that fit like a glove.
  2. The quality of seat covers is another main criterion to factor in. Though the universal seat covers are available at low prices off the shelf in stores and other online sites, their quality is always a matter of concern. They do not have any manufacturer guarantee and fade quickly. The custom made seat covers are of high quality. Since the manufacturer designs them according to the client specifications, they maintain the quality of the products. There are a wide range of seat covers to choose from, like faux leather and neosupreme seat covers, if you want good looking seat covers at low prices. The manufacturers provide a guarantee on their covers and so you can be sure about their quality. The manufacturers also provide testimonials of their past clients. This enables you to gather first hand information about the quality of the product.
  3. The safety features of the seat covers is another important issue. The seat covers should be compatible with the safety features provided in your vehicle. The universal seat covers are generally not compatible with the airbags and affect their functioning. It is a great idea to opt for custom made seat covers, which are designed specifically for your car.

Considering the above criterion, it is advisable to invest in custom-made seat covers like leather seat covers or neosupreme seat covers for a perfect look and optimum functionality.

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