Known Explorer To Join Saga Pearl II

Sailing is a precise sports and hobby that many wishes they could learn and thanks to sailing institutions such as Canary Sail, aspiring sailors now have a reputable school wherein they can learn to sail. Sir Ranulph Fiennes, a renowned explorer, wishes he knows how to sail to make his travel easier but he is happy to announce that he will be boarding the Saga Pearl II which is a part of the cruise offered by Jewels of the Canary Islands.

According to a statement from Saga Pearl, they consider Fiennes as the most remarkable land explorer in the globe that lives in today’s generation.

He was the first explorer to use surface travel in getting to both ends of the world – the North and South Poles. He was also the oldest person from Great Britain that was able to climb the Everest and succeed. He also revealed that when he is in the ocean, he tends to feel seasick.

He added that the first time he felt seasickness was when he was on board the expedition ships going to the Antarctic and the Arctic oceans. Those vessels were hired to ensure that the crew will be able to get them to their destination by breaking through ice if necessary. They will also be the one to pick them up once they reach the other side, which is unknown to them as they are not sure if they will be able to make it.

The most recent travel done by Sir Ranulph who is now 73 years old is travelling around Cape Horn with the company of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston who is known to be the first man to sail the world in a non-stop journey he accomplished all by himself. Sir Ranulph said that Robin is the best when it comes to solo sailing and during their recent travel he was also seasick so he knew that the feeling does not go away.

For enthusiast who are planning to follow the footsteps of Sir Robin, it is important to get into a good sailing school such as Canary Sail in order to know everything there is and to become an expert in sailing.

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