Latest Residential Property Development In Emerging Markets

All around the globe whether in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe, the real estate sectors have matured. Along with this maturity is the improving level of innovation when it comes to new home designs. Many developers are seeking new innovative and impactful ways to attract more market into purchasing their designs.
In this article, we will focus on some of the game changing developments happening all across the globe.

Green City, Colombia

In Colombia just outside the city of Bogota, Green city projects are emerging. The Green City projects are based in Soacha which represents the present as well as what the future holds for the real estate market in Colombia. As a struggling nation in South America, these residential projects help boost the economy of the country. The Green City projects are an example of effective residential development in the urban area. To allow a sense of community in the area, builders have thought of innovative ways to combine technologies and smart spaces effectively. The project has public areas like playground, parks and green spaces.

Malibu Village, Indonesia

Paramount Land developed this village in Indonesia. The main aim of the developer for creating such a community is to allow home owners to customize their own spaces. This project is located at Gading Serpong in Tangerang. Buyers are made to choose from 18 home designs and decide for themselves the look for their homes. Buyers can customize the paint and different materials to be used. Prices are set at 800 million rupiah and above.

Tao Inspired Living Project, Mexico

In Mexico lies an ancient ruin that attracts people from around the globe. The Mayan ruins are a historic site that builders have used to inspire their new home designs with. The Tao Inspired Living Project is situated close to the ancient Mayan ruins and is a 300 acre land development. Residents in the area enjoy a world class natural beauty while at the same time they are enjoying sophisticated amenities like tennis courts, swimming pools, gymnasium, beach club and a mall.

This project is offered at 3.2 million Mexican pesos which is approximately $210,000. This developed area is at the center of the Riviera Maya.

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