Light Rail Project Led To Cutting Down Of Fig Trees

There are fig trees located along the Anzac Parade in the east side of Sydney that are claimed to be planted in commemoration of the Anzacs. However, according to the Department of Transport, there is already evidence in the form of a photo that does not support the claims of the campaigners for the environment.

Workers have already pruned as well as cut down a number of trees located at Moore Park and the total comes down to 17. These are done in preparation for the CBD as well as light rail construction leading from south to east.

Total Environment Centre’s representative, Jeff Angel, said that they have discovered that many of the trees that were planned to be removed were planted during 1917 as an honorary tribute for the Anzacs. This is the reason why they have been pleading the government to pause the works being done.

The public are not in agreement with the cutting down of the trees and more so with the plan to remove the trees located at Anzac Parade that were planted back in 1917 to honor the Anzacs. This is considered by the general public as a revolting move.

A representative from the Department of Transport revealed that there is a photo from 1914 showing troops that are walking around the Moore Park while on their way to the Circular Quay to board their ships. The photo showed fig trees that are already in their maturity. The spokesman also added that it is in agreement with the findings that the trees have been planted between 1870 and 1880.

Before this, 40 trees have already been cut down from the Alison Road and all of them are thought to be century old.

People protested and some of them decided to chain themselves to the trees in a failed attempt to stop the cutting down.

Mr. Angel said that they are now referred to as the chainsaw government and it is not a good thing.

If you have trees in Perth that are already posing a hazard or is sick with disease then that it the only time to cut it down. It is always best to consult a tree lopper in Perth to inspect trees in your property.

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