Lumpini Park As The Ideal Choice Of Workout Enthusiasts

Location is often one the major factors when deciding on a hotel. Tourists certainly want a convenient location that is not too far from interesting attractions. If your requirement is a place where outdoor activities are close by, your best choice is hotel near Lumpini Park where you can enjoy some exercise in an oasis of peace right in the heart of Bangkok.

Lumpini Park remains to be the popular choice of workout enthusiasts because they can sweat it out without paying a thing. Literally every type of exercise is being performed in the nature park from T25, flying yoga, aqua cycling and many more. The 92-year old park has changed significantly because of the urban craze for running, walking and cycling.

Lumipini Park has remained consistent when it comes to appearance but the number of fitness and health conscious visitors has grown significantly. For most people, they prefer to walk or run in the park to gym membership and fitness machines.

According to the head of security, Suthasinee Srisa-ard, the increase in park visitors has become particularly noticeable. Last year, the park used to get 3,000 to 4,000 visitors during weekdays. Today, about 5,000 people visit the park daily. During weekends, the number of visitors range from 8,000 to 10,000. Most of them want to jog, walk or bike while others use the fitness facilities.

The common objective of people who go to Lumpini Park is to get some exercise. There are commercial gyms and fitness enters all over Bangkok but people want to save their money. The park is open for everybody irrespective of age and background. It does not matter if your purpose is to simply walk around and enjoy the open space offered by the park. You can sit down and read a good book or watch people go by.

There are other benefits offered by hotel near Lumpini Park aside from the free workout. The hotel offers a fitness centre so that you will not miss on the personal workout program. There is a luxurious spa that will make you feel good and a swimming pool where you can relax and get a tan.

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