Minimum Wage Law In South Africa Does Not Include Domestic Workers

It is common in South Africa for women to work as domestic workers and majority of them have a number of part time jobs in different employers. Mbokazi Songelwa is one of them and she is 52 years old already. She is working for six days in one week and each job requires her to work from six to eight hours every day.  Each day she spends around $3.87 for her taxi ride in order to get to work in the city from her home in Phillipi. It is common for them to shoulder their own transport fare while with Dubai’s best domestic agency the workers are compensated for everything.

Songelwa said that women who are working as domestic workers are mostly along because they don’t have their husbands anymore thus they have to work in order to support themselves and their family. She pays for the electricity, buys the groceries and shoulders her transport. She is also paying for a an insurance policy that will cover their funerals some day.

In November of last year, the Department of Labour passed a new bill regarding minimum wage and the Cabinet has already given its approval. If implemented, this will be the first time that a universal minimum wage is set for the entire South Africa. This will ensure that workers will have a minimum wage of $1.66 per hour or $290 per month if they work 40 hours every week.

Many are happy with the bill because it will help ease the poverty of many but there are those jobs that are not covered by the bill such as domestic workers and majority of these workers are women. The bill is scheduled to be implemented on the first of May and domestic workers will earn a lower minimum of $1.24 only.

The government said that it is their way of protecting those who are working as domestic worker. This salary is far from the rate when employed by Dubai’s best domestic agency but they believe that employers will more likely keep their helpers if they are given time to adjust before a higher minimum wage is imposed.

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